Custom Component in Android Programmatically

Updated 8 October 2021


In this tutorial, we will discuss Custom Component in Android Programmatically. We can add TextView, Edittext,Datepicker, Timepickerr and many more.Let’s code and discuss how we can implement it programmatically.



As you can see we have added 3 views. TextView,EditText and DatePickerDialog.

For TextView we created a view from Textview and added it to Linearlayout and same did for EditText.

For DatePickerDialog we create an instance of Calendar and created a button. After opening DatePicker Dialog we select date and show in Textview.


please check screenshot how it shows

custom view image 1
custom component view image 2

So Here we discussed  Custom Component in Android Programmatically. Thanks for reading this blog and You can get other blogs from here

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