Curve navigation drawer with animation.

Updated 13 April 2023


Overview to implement a Curve navigation drawer with animation.


In this blog, we are going to learn about how to implement a Curve navigation drawer with animation. We will cover the curve drawer in this blog. So let’s get started.

A Navigation component includes  NavigationUI .

We can use the top app bar which provides a consistent place along the top of your app for displaying information and actions from the current screen. Also, we can use the collapsing toolbar.


Let’s understand this with an example.

1.) At the very first, we have to add the toolbar in the XML.

Add a DrawerLayout for your activity_main.xml module:

To implement this example within your destination fragments using NavigationUI, first define the app bar in each of your fragment layouts, beginning with the destination fragment that uses a standard toolbar:

2.) Here we include the “toolbar_custom_layout” in XML layout

We must have the Toolbar content over there

When the user is at a top-level destination, the Navigation button becomes a drawer icon if the destination uses a DrawerLayout.

3.) To implement the curve navigation in MainActivity, create one method inside MainActivity.kt:

You must add the callSideDrawer() event inside onCreate()

4.) After that we are adding the full code below in MainActivity.kt

Received all data

When using navigation with the top app bar implementations discussed below, the label you attach to destinations can be automatically populated from the arguments provided to the destination by using the format of {argName} in your label.

NavigationUI provides support for the following top app bar types:

Finally, we have implemented the code part of the curve navigation drawer.

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