CSS function to manage Margin and Padding of content in Android

Updated 1 June 2023


In this blog, we are learning that the ‘CSS function’ in the Android app to manage the margin and padding. The presentation and layout of web pages are described using the language known as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It offers a large number of capabilities that let programmers change the margin and padding attributes of HTML elements.

You can use the following CSS properties to manage margin and padding:

In this code, we are seeing many CSS functions to create padding and margin. You can customize the values of the margin and padding properties to suit your specific needs.

We are creating an app to load content in the web view. so the manage padding and margin by CSS function to create and call from the HTML class.

In this code you can see, we have created a class and added some default keywords these keywords are defined in the CSS style class. we are using this function to replace all classes with our classes in CSS style.

We are using this function to replace classed with our default class.

Above the code, you can see that we are creating some HTML functions and the set margin.


With Margin/Padding
Without Margin/Padding


Congratulations!! 🤩 You have an expert in CSS function’ in the Android app.

CSS is used to control the layout, typography, colors, and other visual elements of a web page. It works by targeting HTML elements. so click this link and know more about CSS.

Thanks for reading this blog. You can also check other blogs from here for more knowledge.

Always be ready for learning 🙂

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