CryptoCurrency trade is legal in India now, what next?

Updated 11 January 2024


CryptoCurrency trade is legal in India now. This is the biggest and most awaited new for all investors and BlockChain developers in India. As India lifts ban on Crypto trade on 4th of March 2020. So here We are going to explain few of the perks, that everyone can get using CryptoCurrency.

CryptoCurrency trade is legal in India now, what next?

  1. Build Dapps (Decentralized application)
  2. Invest in CryptoCurrency and earn profits.

The above mentioned two points are the major two category of things, in which you can do unlimited number of things. But these are the only two major aspects that can covered under Blockchain aka CryptoCurrency.

Build Dapps (Decentralized application) :

So what are Dapps actually, Dapps are the apps that are build over blockchain technology. Blockchain are simply ledger of records that are organized in blocks that are linked with cryptographic validation or smart contracts.

And the important part of this concept is that, this ledger is not stored in any central database, instead it is stored in decentralize manner in almost all the participating computer or nodes. It makes it always up and more secure.

Secure because each and every transaction that will be held in blockchain must be validated by more than 50% of the nodes in the blockchain. The block validation system results in new transactions being added irreversibly and old transactions preserved forever for all to see, hence its transparency and resilience.

There are many kind of Dapps that can be build over blockchain viz.

  1. Payment Apps.
  2. Voting Apps.
  3. Supply Chain Apps.
  4. Logistics Apps.
  5. And many more. There are unlimited number of possibilities using blockchain. In short any kind of application that can be build using decentralized database can be built over blockchain technology.

So we have already talked about Dapps, now lets talk about How CryptoCurrency can be beneficial for you financially.

Invest in CryptoCurrency and earn profits.

Everyone know the story about Bitcoin. Besides various ups and downs Bitcoin is very costly currently to invest although you can invest in many other available CryptoCurrency viz.

List of Many popular CryptoCurrency other than Bitcoin

  1. Ripple.
  2. Ethereum.
  3. LiteCoin
  4. ZCash.
  5. Monero.
  6. Stellar.
  7. and many many more.

The easiest way to invest in CryptoCurrency is to sign in into any of the web based Crypto Wallet like Coinbase or Coingate. They will provide you simple and easy to use Dashboard, from where you can buy and sell CryptoCurrency very easily. Using Coinbase and Coingate you can also able to integrate Crypto wallet into your apps using their REST APIs

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