How to Create Mobile Application with Laravel? 

Updated 26 December 2023


Laravel is a PHP framework for “web artisans” that is free and open source.

Laravel is well known for being a logical and solid framework that allows you to harness the entire power of PHP once you know what you’re doing.

It powers countless sites, web apps, and as well as enterprise systems across the internet.

Using the framework, you can create anything from small lightweight projects to large complex systems.

In this blog, we’ll discuss How to Create Mobile Application with Laravel?


Perhaps your Laravel eCommerce web app has received thousands of visitors, signups, and satisfied users.

Advantages of Laravel

Laravel is best suited for all types of applications, particularly custom requirements such as portal mobile apps, social media apps, and other custom requirements.

Source Code Integrity and Flexibility

PHP source code is adaptable and versatile. As a result, PHP is commonly used for developing cross-platform apps. It enables businesses to leverage their existing foundation while incurring minimal costs.

PHP Framework has a Low Cost

PHP is open-source and freely available on the internet, which has earned it the trust of web developers. There are no fees associated with downloading. It also does not require any kind of license to use.

Faster Time-to-Market

In comparison to other web development frameworks, you can launch your web product almost immediately. This is Laravel’s main selling point for businesses that require rapid growth.

Multilingual Web Apps are Simple to Create

PHP Laravel also provides development services for building multilingual web applications, which is an added benefit. Your web app can easily create for multiple languages using Laravel PHP.

Web Applications for the Future

With each passing day, the Laravel PHP web app development framework expands. Since its inception, we’ve seen an increasing preference for Laravel PHP.

This allows you to access future-ready web applications regardless of changing technology requirements.

Authorization that is both Safe and Secure

Laravel provides an authorization system that is as solid as a rock. It promotes industry and authorization, as well as managing access to sources.


Support for Default Rest and Graph QL API

Laravel provides default REST and GraphQL support.

GraphQL is a query language that interacts with your API and has some advantages over other architectures such as REST.

When used as an endpoint for mobile and single-page applications, GraphQL is extremely useful.

GraphQL makes it easy to query nested and related data in a request, allowing developers to get the exact data they need in a single round trip to the server.

Laravel is a well-known and polarising PHP web framework. It includes a plethora of built-in tools to help developers get applications up and running quickly.

It also allows developers to swap out their own implementations for Laravel’s built-in interfaces when desired.

You can manage and create any number of storefronts, including apps and devices, using the Laravel eCommerce GraphQL-based Rest API.


It decouples a website’s front-end from its back-end, allowing developers to use any front-end technology of their choice, such as javascript frameworks such as React.js, Vue.js, and Angular.js.

Laravel eCommerce headless APIs provide you with a slick and easily scalable storefront performance.

Ideal Solution for a New Business

Laravel is a component-based system with a composer-driven approach. It is appropriate for both monolithic and micro-services applications (Lumen).


Laravel is well-suited to any type of business application, from eCommerce to CRM software, and CMS to SaaS-based apps.

Lumen is the ideal solution for creating Laravel-based microservices and lightning-fast APIs.

Lumen is the ideal solution for creating microservices and lightning-fast APIs.

It is, in fact, one of the fastest micro-frameworks on the market. It has never been simpler to create lightning-fast services to support your Laravel applications.

Build a Web App with Laravel

Building any business application, such as a B2B project, SaaS-based apps, or business applications such as CRM, is always simple with the Laravel development service.


Laravel employs an MVC structure, which improves documentation, increases performance, and includes a number of built-in functionalities.

Before going live, a web application must be well-protected. Laravel, on the other hand, reduces vulnerability.

Laravel is an excellent framework for developing any type of web application. It improves the user experience and increases functionality.

How to Create Mobile Application with Laravel

Building iOS and Android apps can provide you with many advantages that your Laravel web app cannot, such as:

Convert a Laravel Web App into a Mobile App

Assume you’ve created a cool web app with Laravel. It works flawlessly in desktop and mobile browsers. How do you go about translating it into iOS and Android apps?

Unfortunately, there is no magic button that will instantly convert your Laravel app into a native app that will run on mobile operating systems.

When developing a web app, you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of how the pages will be rendered on the screen or how to detect user input.

How to Convert Your Laravel App to a Native Mobile App?

It is a difficult process to recreate the features and functionality of your Laravel web app for native mobile operating systems.

Essentially, you’re creating the apps from scratch, with your Laravel web app serving as a backend and connecting the two. What technologies would you employ to accomplish this?


Native Development

You could build or hire a development team to create iOS and Android apps from the ground up. The iOS team will use Swift or Objective-C, while the Android team will use Java or Kotlin.

You could build or hire a development team to create iOS and Android apps from the ground up. The iOS team will use Swift or Objective-C, while the Android team will use Java or Kotlin.


Hybrid Development

You can also create apps using web technologies like HTML/CSS and a JavaScript framework like Ionic, then publish them to iOS and Android using Cordova or Capacitor.


Webkul can help you convert your Laravel Web App to a Mobile App

To create an outstanding mobile app, Webkul laravel mobile app development works in two ways:

You either develop a native mobile app for each platform or create a single cross-platform mobile app that supports multiple platforms.

Our work does not stop there; we keep your app updated as needed and provide ongoing technical support for anything you may require – it’s as if you had our entire team of app developers working for you.

We take great care of each customer who signs up with us, fully configure their app, and thoroughly test it before it is submitted.

Laravel App Example

Webkul has extensive experience as a Laravel development company. “Bagisto,” the world’s first enterprise eCommerce platform built on Laravel, is now available.

Bagisto is a development firm that has amassed a remarkable level of expertise in Laravel, one of the most popular PHP-based frameworks on the market today.

Bagisto’s marketplace offers an incredible selection of extensions and plugins. Sellers and Vendors can thrive with a well-defined Laravel eCommerce marketplace.


It is based on a multi-source stock inventory concept. Webkul and Mobikul collaborated to create an app for their in-house platform, Bagisto.

The admin can create an app for the Bagisto eCommerce store using the Laravel eCommerce Flutter-based Mobile App.

Bagisto Native Mobile App

With this Mobikul extension, you can create fully native Android apps for your Bagisto e-commerce store. You can improve the accessibility of your Bagisto store by using this mobile app.

The app can be published on Google Play with real-time synchronization of products, categories, customers, orders, and so on between the website and the mobile app.


Bagisto Mobile App Features

This native app includes a number of features that elevate it to the level of an advanced app for customers.

Flutter-based pure Native App

The Mobikul App is native, so it provides full device-based functionality. Flutter is used to write the Mobikul app code.

As a result, native apps always have an advantage over other types of apps in terms of user experience and interaction.

Multi-Lingual and RTL Layout Support

The Bagisto application supports multiple languages, which helps app users understand the app’s features.

It localizes the app by translating it into the desired language.

Multiple Payment Gateways Supported

The application accepts a variety of payment gateways. The payment extensions offer your customers a unified and seamless payment experience while keeping your inventory and order data organized on a single platform.

Address Saving Made Simple

For the customer to easily save the address in the address book, location detection using GPS or as well as Google Maps. It will only function if you supply a Google API key.

Build Laravel E-commerce Based Mobile Application With us

Laravel includes a comprehensive and expressive syntax that simplifies the complex process of developing enterprise mobile applications.

At Webkul, we have a team of experienced mobile app developers and web developers who are well-versed in Laravel and other frameworks.

We can assist you in developing robust, feature-rich applications that can run in a variety of browsers and environments.


That’s all for How to Create Mobile Application with Laravel still have any issues feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better

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