How to Create Influencer Mobile App

Updated 19 September 2023


Influencers have become an integral part of our digital world. With their engaging content and vast followings, they have the power to influence people’s decisions and opinions.

If you’ve been inspired by the idea of creating an influencer mobile app, this blog will guide you through the process in simple and easy words.

Influencer Mobile Apps In The USA

Instagram – It allows influencers to share photos and videos with their followers, engage through comments and direct messages.

TikTok – It provides a platform for creators to showcase their talent, creativity, and connect with a diverse and engaged audience.

YouTube – It allows them to upload longer videos, monetize their content, and build a loyal subscriber base.

Snapchat – Snapchat has evolved to include features like Stories and Discover, making it a favorite among influencers looking for a more interactive and engaging platform.

Twitter – It is well-suited for influencers with a strong focus on written content and real-time engagement.

Influencer Mobile Apps In The Middle East

Anghami – It allows users to discover and share music, create playlists, and follow influencers who curate content related to various music genres.

Snapp – Influencers use Snapp to engage with their audience, share content related to their experiences, and collaborate with brands in the region.

Dubsmash – Dubsmash is a lip-syncing app that allows users to create short videos using audio clips from movies, shows, or songs.

Likee – It provides various video editing tools and effects for content creators to engage their audience creatively.

Influencer Mobile Apps In India

ShareChat – ShareChat is a regional social media platform that supports content creation in various Indian languages.

Roposo – It offers various video editing tools and effects for influencers to create engaging content.

Trell – Trell is a lifestyle and travel app that allows users to discover and share their experiences through photos and videos.

Moj – It offers a platform for creators to showcase their talent, creativity, and connect with a diverse audience.

Essential Features of an Influencer Mobile App

An Influencer Mobile App has a range of important features that are designed specifically for influencers, content creators, and social media, below given are the same:

Content Creation and Management – One of the most significant advantages of using a mobile app for influencers is the ease of content creation. 

Real-time Engagement – A mobile app must have direct communication with the audience through comments, direct messages, and live streaming features. 

Monetize Option: A mobile app can help you monetize your influence through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. 

Performance Tracking – The app should keep track of how well influencer posts and campaigns are doing.

Data Security and Privacy – Strong measures should be taken to keep their data safe and maintain users’ trust.

Additional Features

Content Management Calendar – By this influencer can arrange their content, making it simpler to stay consistent and manage various platforms.

Augmented Reality (AR) Try-On – It allows followers to virtually try products shown by the influencer.

Live Shopping – A live shopping tool that lets influencers show products in real-time and offer special deals to their audience.

Video Subtitles – Adding automatic subtitles to videos to make them accessible to more people.

User Rewards and Loyalty Programs – Offer exclusive discounts and rewards to loyal customers.

Most Useful Features of Influencer Mobile App

Schedule and Publish – Influencers plan and schedule their content in advance, so they can deliver posts to their audience on regular basis.

Customization – Provide the custom way so that influencers can change their identity itself.

Community build – Provide a feature so that loyal followers can be add in the group.

Performance Recommendations – Provides content ideas, best times to post, and engagement strategies.

AI-Based Features Added To The Mobile App of Influencer

Smart Content – Analyze what an influencer’s audience likes and suggests relevant topics and ideas.

Hashtag Suggestions – AI algorithms recommend popular hashtags, making it easier for influencers to reach more people.

Language Translation – Translate content into the desired language.

Fraud Detection – Detect fake engagement activities, helping influencers maintain an online presence.

Post time: Review the best times to post content, ensuring that it gets the most views.

Voice Commands – Identify voice commands and make it easy for influencers to interact with the app.

Steps To Build An Influencer Mobile App: 

Building an influencer app involves several important steps. Here is a general outline of the process:

Define the Scope and Requirements – Decide what features and functions you want. Study the market to learn what users want. Figure out what makes your app special and valuable.

Wireframing – Create the look and feel of the app that is easy for users to use.

Development of the Influencer App – A good team with expertise in Server DevOps, Web APIs development, and Mobile App development will be required.

Testing – Ensure usability, speed, and security.

Support and Updates – Monitor the app’s performance and stay updated with emerging trends.

Cost of Developing a Mobile App of Influencer

The cost of developing a basic online influencer app can range from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the features.


In summary, building an influencer app requires careful planning and execution to offer an engaging user experience and drive business growth. 

With good business study, a tech stack, and a development team, you can surely create an online influencer mobile app.

Thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope that this will help you to get valuable knowledge & understanding on how to create an online influencer mobile app.

If you need assistance with your mobile app development project, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or reach us via our Webkul HelpDesk Support Portal.

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