How to create custom navigation view with Recycler View.

Updated 14 December 2016


Android provide us NavigationView according to the material specification provided by Google. However to get the full control over a drawer. We can create our custom implementation in the navigation view.


NavigationView is a subclass of FrameLayout, which can have multiple children. That means you can add a custom view to your NavigationView

Here is a sample of custom navigation view created using Recycler View


Note: Make sure you have removed app:menu from the NavigationView.

Now you can use adapter to load view inside RecyclerView or our custom NavigationView.



That’s all folks. Stay updated !!


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  • Eugene Kartoyev
    Dear Shubham, you should not put RecyclerView inside a (nested) scrollview, as it kills the *recycler* property of a RecyclerView.

    RecyclerView holds in memory only the visible elements. By putting it in a NestedScrollView, you make it inflate all its elements from top to bottom and the off-screen elements are no longer “recycled”, and this way the RecyclerView no longer serves its purpose.

    You might as well use a ListView or CoordinatorLayout instead.

  • Olvin Lizama
    But then how do you handle the clicked items?
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