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How to create custom navigation view with Recycler View.


Android provide us NavigationView according to the material specification provided by Google. However to get the full control over a drawer. We can create our custom implementation in the navigation view.


NavigationView is a subclass of FrameLayout, which can have multiple children. That means you can add a custom view to your NavigationView

Here is a sample of custom navigation view created using Recycler View


Note: Make sure you have removed app:menu from the NavigationView.

Now you can use adapter to load view inside RecyclerView or our custom NavigationView.



That’s all folks. Stay updated !!


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  • Eugene Kartoyev
    Dear Shubham, you should not put RecyclerView inside a (nested) scrollview, as it kills the *recycler* property of a RecyclerView.

    RecyclerView holds in memory only the visible elements. By putting it in a NestedScrollView, you make it inflate all its elements from top to bottom and the off-screen elements are no longer “recycled”, and this way the RecyclerView no longer serves its purpose.

    You might as well use a ListView or CoordinatorLayout instead.

  • Olvin Lizama
    But then how do you handle the clicked items?
  • css.php

    The support is fast and do everything in their power to make it perfect. If you need customization it's also done right away. I had massive research to select Mobikul and now I'm sure it was the right one.

    Igor Souza

    Igor Souza

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