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Connection to existing database in symfony

In symfony you can connect your project with a existing database very easily. Just follow the below mentioned steps and you are ready to go.

Step: 1

Open your Terminal or Command prompt and generate a new bundle as usual but be sure the version you are using for symfony m currently using 2.8 thats why the below commands are according to 2.8 version

Now just mention all the settings as asked by the terminal/ command prompt and when your bundle is generated go for next step.

Step: 2

Now go to app/config folder and go to parameters.yml file. There change the database settings as you want i.e. database_driver, username, password and database name (the name of the existing table in that database.

Step: 3

As you have mentioned your database info now we have to import the database and map it to our project. for that just run the command.

When it is done go for next step. And if it shows driver not found or driver Exception, then you need to change some settings in your php.ini file.

Step: 4

Now generate the entities in your project with the command below

And your database is connected and configure with your project. Happy Coding!!!

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