Conekta Payment Gateway Integration

Updated 30 April 2021


Hello guys, Today we will learn about the Conekta Payment Gateway Integration

Overview To Implement Conekta Payment Integration Through SDK:-

In this blog, we are learning about How to integrate Conekta Payment Gateway Integration in the App

A Conekta Payment SDK provides a secure payment for iOS, Flutter, Android applications.

To integrate Conekta payment we need to follow some basic step-

Step1:-   download Conekta SDK through this link.

  1. Firstly clone this project –  $ git clone [email protected]:conekta/conekta-ios.git
  2. after that move the Conekta folder into your project folder And add the Conekta file to your Xcode
  3. On you xcodeproj, go to Build Setting-> Search Path -> Library Search Path, then double click and enter the value


Step 2:- You need to add the following code into your Header Bridging file

 create a Bridging file into your project –
  1. Add New file -> Header File -> click to next button.
  2.  Now add your bridging file name and click on create button
  3. Add the bridging path in Project -> Target -> Build Setting -> Objective-c Bridging Header – enter your bridging path


Step 3:- After this, we need to create a ConektaPaymenViewController storyboard  to integrate the Conekta payment method


    Now add some code in ConektaPaymentViewController.swift file

we have successfully integrated the Conekta payment method into the app





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