Color assets in Swift

Updated 4 July 2023


In Xcode 9 you also create the color assets. This feature will save a lot of time for developers to manage the color.

How to create color assets?

Got to the menu bar click on File->New->File. Here you can assets from resources.

Name that asset file as Color so that you can easily recognize your color assets. then go to your color asset file click on + add a new color asset. Choose your color in form RGB or in hexadecimal form and also give a name for which you are using that color

Using Color Assets in Storyboard 

Using color assets in the storyboard is pretty easier when you tap a color in the interface builder you can see your color name and choose it for UIView, UILabel etc.

Using Color Assets in Code

I hope from this, it will make you more comfortable using a Color asset. Thanks for tuning in once again!




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