Chat using Firebase in Flutter

Updated 31 May 2021


Today will discuss Chat using Firebase in Flutter.  Nowadays, the Chat app is very popular. In this blog, I will show the basic chat (without authentication) application in the flutter.
Before starting this please checkout the firebase setup in the flutter project.

Let start with the programming part.
Step 1: First add dependency in pubspec.yaml

Step 2: Create a project in Firebase and add the bundle id on the project so that the app can access the firebase. Now, add Google-info.plist and Google-services.json in iOS and Android project directory.

Step 3: Create a widget for the message. In this example, i will handle both image and text in the same widget.

Step 4: Add a List to display Messages.

Step 5: Now add send widget with image button, TextFiled, and a send button UI. Here we have use Firebase Storage to store the image in server.

Handle the button Event For Text.

Handle the button Event For image.

That’s all for the coding part now run the app.
Chat using Firebase in FlutterChat using Firebase in Flutter


I hope this code will help you better to understand Firebase chat in flutter. If you feel any doubt or query please comment below.

Thanks for the read this blog and if you want to visit my other blog click here.


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