Chat Bubble In Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


In Today’s time everyone is using conversation chatting application, and modern chat application uses Chat Bubble to make them more representative.

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In this blog, we will explore Chat Bubble in Flutter. We will see how to implement a demo project of chat bubble and how to make it in the simplest way.

There are different types of Chat Bubbles.

There are different properties in each one of them, some are listed below

Let’s Start The Steps For Integrating Chat Bubble In Flutter

Step1: Create a flutter project.

Step2: Add the chat_bubbles dependency to pubspec.yaml file.

Step3: Run “flutter pub get” in the root directory of your app.

Therefore In order to check the updated version of the dependency click here.

Step4: Now start the coding for the same.

Finally, we can run the code and as a result, we can see the below output.

Finally, we can run the code and as a result, we can see the below output.


Congratulations!! you have learned how to use Chat Bubble in a flutter.

For more detail, you can refer to the official doc of a flutter here.

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Thanks for reading!!.


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