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Carousel Slider is one of the most popular image sliders used nowadays in most apps. Displaying the images in a slider gives an attractive User Experience. As these sliders are automated you can get to see various types of images and content in them. 


Supported platforms 

  1. height: Overall height of card to display the image
  2. autoplay: Cards automatically slides at a time
  3. autoplaycurve: Determines the animation curve
  4. aspectRatio: Aspect Ratio is used to declare the height
  5. autoPlayAnimationDuration: Used to declare time for automated slide

Let’s start the implementation

To Implement the Carousel Slider in Flutter you have to follow the following steps:

1: First add Carousel Slider dependency in your pubspec.yaml file

2: Let’s move to the next part

Here we will create the class for our demo (In my case “MyHomePage” )

3: In this step, we will set up our slider according to our needs
In my case, I have used a simple container with a center align text field.

Note:- This is just a demo code you can modify this according to your needs

4: In this step, we will set up our slider options

Now, we are ready to try this
As a result, you will get the 5 sliding cards on the center of your screen

Check the given video for output

To know more about carousel_slider please check this link

You can also check some examples from this link

Note:- For a better user experience, please use a mobile device to open this carousel slider example link.

Hopefully, this blog will be helpful to you to understand the Carousel Slider. If you have any queries, please write them in the comment section.

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