Card Widget In Flutter


Card Widget In Flutter?
Do you know about card view in android, if yes then you are very familiar with this, yes the card widget here is almost the same like we use in android with properties elevation, rounded corners, and much more.
If not, then don’t worry, we will check out it in this article.

We use card to show our views inside a card. it can be used to display a list of some specific data like- call or phone list in your Mobile phone.

In Flutter it is designed from Google’s Material Design Library.
Apart from elevation and rounded corner property, it has many more properties like color, shape, shadow color, etc which lets us customize it the way we want.

Constructor of card Widget.

Let’ take a simple example to explore it more.

Example Of Card Widget

In this example, we are showing a list of some phone calls details using static data.


Flutter Card Example
fig: showing phone list using Flutter Card Widget


In this blog, we learn how we can use the Card Widget in our Flutter app to design our views.

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