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Updated 1 February 2024


User interfaces must have keyboard shortcuts because they allow users to do tasks fast without only using mouse interactions. The CallbackShortcuts widget in Flutter lets you build keyboard shortcuts despite the framework’s lack of built-in handling of keyboard shortcuts like desktop programmes. We’ll look at how to use CallbackShortcuts tutorial to record and manage keyboard events.

What is CallbackShortcuts?

A Flutter widget called CallbackShortcuts enables you to binds key combinations to specific callbacks. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts and keyboard interactions since you have direct access to the keyboard input.

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Steps to implement

The basic steps of using CallbackShortcuts widget involves the following steps:


Create a stateful class KeyboardShortcutExample and create simple counter app to increment and decrement the count value by one as shown below.

In above example code When the arrow up key is hit on the keyboard, the callback method executes and increments the count value by one, while the setState function updates the UI.

LogicalKeyboardKey.arrowUp :- binds the arrow key up with increment count by 1.

LogicalKeyboardKey.arrowDown :- binds the arrow key down with decrement count by 1.

SingleActivator :- Represents a single key combined with modifiers (control, shift, alt).

CallbackShortcuts :- Accept child widget that respond to the keyboard event.

bindings :- Property of CallbackShortcuts that accept Map of Keyboard events and callback function.

Focus :- Allow this widget and its descendants to receive keyboard focus.

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Output of example code

Full code example

Below is the full code example for handling keyboard events :-

Above code we have added scrolling feature also using the arrow keys up to scroll the page up and arrow key down to scroll the page down.

we have added productWidget inside  ListView.builder class to generate content on the UI for scrolling and handling keyboard events.

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In bindings property we have defined four entries in map to handle four keyboard events as :

_controller :- Control the scrolling effect in the UI or to add animation while scrolling.

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Output of full code example


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