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Call view controller of storyBoard1 from other storyboard2 without segue in ios.


Communicating Two Story Board.

if we have a two storyboard eg. storyboard1 and storyboard2 then we can call their view controller from any storyboard.

example:  calling view controller of storyboard2 from storyboard1.

Steps we have to follow.

1: open stroryboard2 and select view controller to call.

2: click on “show the identity inspector ” and here write their storyboard ID as “MainViewController”;


3: write code where you have to load  .

if your storyboard1 contains navigation controller then no need to UI navigation controller but if you have no navigation controller as a parent then we have to push using UI navigation controller.

with navigation in your story board:

without navigation in your strory board:

4: and you can pass the data by allocation memory of class.

viewcontrollerclass v= [viewcontrollerclass alloc] init];

v.first_element = @”ABC”;

v.second_element = @”due”;






. . .


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