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Building application with Firebase Performance feature


Firebase has launched its new feature namely Performance on Google IO 2017. The feature is quite interesting as it will trace and give you the performance report of your app running on user’s mobile. Yes you can analyse the performance of the app running on production environment i.e. a user’s device.

Performance Dashboard

The feature provide you a chance to enhance the experience of the users by knowing the issues in run-time environtiment. It helps you get the API(s) taking longer to respond and what not. Its in beta version but works like magic. It collects all the data and show the data in Firebase console.

Performance Network tracesYou can get the launch time of your application, the response time of the app on different levels and devices. Also you can get the data┬ácountry wise , device wise and many more. The cherry on the top is that, just like crash reporting, you don’t have to write a code to enable it. Just add a dependency and it will start to work. Isn’t it amazing? You got everything to enhance your user experience directly from the users device.

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