How to build B2B Mcommerce App

Updated 27 October 2021


How to build B2B Mcommerce App – As many times customer ask this question as post commerce is getting more crowded now a days more people ask the same questions . Some of them are

These all are very genuine questions , We will try to explain all those points one by one

Which platform do i need to choose ? 

This is the most important question as there are plenty of option available in the market for now few of them are open source and few of them are closed source .

Choosing a platform is the most basic and most vital part for your b2b domain  as your complete b2b business will depend on it . As b2b business are totally different from b2c and most likely every b2b business is different our advice is to go with open platforms like Magento b2b Marketplace , Prestashop b2b marketplace , Opencart b2b marketplace etc .

As they all are complete open source and as per the b2b need it can be customized further Other benefit of open source is there are supported by large community of developers and merchants so latest trends of b2b need will be updated .

As those all are web front of the store , in the mcommerce area which is booming like a weed . According to a report by Digi-Capital, mobile commerce is projected to hit $700 billion in revenue by 2017. 

Unfortunately there is no open source mobile commerce platform which is compatible like Magento , opencart or prestashop Thats why we built Mobile Commerce / Mcommerce platform supported for all those platform as having source code provides b2b merchants to customize it as per their need .

As webkul is the largest supplier of b2c and b2b products in the world for open source communities we also provides Mobile Commerce app for b2b Commerce  and Mobile will be represent 26% of b2b commerce by 2016 – Forrester

Do i need to choose native mobile app

Its little bit out of the topic but yes for sure if you are looking for b2b mobile commerce app its more needed as quoted earlier Mobile B2b is roaring and as per study

mobile devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in the United States, surpassing PCs (45%) for the first time in history – CNN

so we really need to choose our mobile platform very carefully as having a mcommerce  native mobile app Provides loads of advantages over its web view  as you may check above link sending push notification to showrooming  having a native mobile app will surely benefit a lot to your consumers .

does mobile site is fine or do i really need to have native mobile app

In our opinion you should have kind of omnichannel strategy . As Having a mobile site will benefit your SEO also will increase user experience for your buyer but at the same time you cant ignore the benefit of Native Mobile app . Instead in developing countries ( like in asia ) Mobile Commerce is surpassing web commerce

The largest piece of pie for global mCommerce revenue comes from Asia, says Tim Merel, founder of research firm Digi-Capital. According to him, as with all things mobile, the largest area of mCommerce growth will continue to be in the eastern world. As an aggregate market, Asian countries account for nearly half of the global mCommerce revenue at US$230 billion.

how does b2b commerce is different and what kind of tech stack we need to run that like alibaba ?

as explained earlier your should choose open tech stack we have written extensively with detail description how you can achieve alibaba style b2b retail experience using opencart and magento

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