A Beginner’s Guide to Starting an Opencart Mobile App

Updated 15 December 2023


As the eCommerce market is fast-growing, each online store invests in building an eCommerce mobile app. The main purpose of having mobile apps is to expand the reach of customers.

It is almost impossible to cope without mobile apps if the aim is to continue growing and increasing sales also.

Ecommerce mobile apps help you improve the shopping experience of your potential customers. Of course along with increasing the sales for your eCommerce store. 

There is a mobile app for every portal. This is the best way to gain more publicity for the business owners. Most importantly the apps allow store owners to have their products truly at their customer’s fingertips.

Furthermore, it increases traffic and reaches the grasp of more consumers.

As per the survey on Statista, we found that mobile apps are now really a big necessity for everything as most people are using them for almost everything in their lives. 

As per Statista analysis, we can see that in the last few years, the eCommerce Market has been growing rapidly and by 2024 it will reach a new height.

The main reason behind this growth in the eCommerce sector is the mobile app.

If you are an Opencart Website owner, and you do not have a mobile app for the OpenCart e-commerce website, Then you know what you are missing. 

Of Course, It is not an easy way to build a mobile app from scratch for OpenCart without a proper guide.

Despite the lack of knowledge, this could be the reason behind the setback for the mobile app.

So, to avoid having setbacks due to budget or timeline issues, you can have ready-made OpenCart mobile apps. These mobile apps are ready to be integrated with the Opencart Store.

In contrast to not having skills for developing an OpenCart Mobile App or a good budget.

Rooting out for the readymade OpenCart Mobile app is an efficient and smart way to own a pair of fully functional Android & iOS OpenCart Mobile App. 

Another way is to develop a progressive web application, Opencart Headless PWA solution.

How Mobile App is Helping the eCommerce Sector?

With the help of Organic search traffic, every business is getting more revenue. And social platforms are the best way to increase social traffic.

The most successful E-business concepts include the implementation of the mobile app as of one basic E-commerce strategy:

Nailing the customer’s wants from online retailers and providing them with an online experience. Personalized augmented reality with the help of a mobile App gives another experience.

Mobile applications ensure that consumers maintain the connection with the brands they love in their true colors.

It is not a big surprise that most people are using mobile apps for almost every activity and most importantly online shopping.

Mobile apps have become an important part of all-sized businesses which are helping to cater to their visitors digitally.

Thus,  adding more value in terms of convenience in online shopping for consumers.

And the other factor is the comparison and the personalization of the apps as per the consumer needs.

The results of the recent survey by PRNewswire depict that people prefer to use mobile applications for online shopping.

The main reason behind this is the flexibility of surfing & choosing the products.

Indeed saving the time on buying, and most importantly the exclusive discounts and deals offer which no one would want to miss.

And this way everyone has enough time and stability to be able to decide about the product or the brand as well.

The apps with the most traffic are online retailer apps (92%), mass merchant retailer apps (81%), apparel apps (79%), and convenience store apps (62%).

Roadmap for starting an OpenCart Mobile App 

So before starting an Opencart Mobile App there are few things required which are listed below.

  1. For the mobile app, we should have the required features and functionality list prepared.
  2. Once you have purchased the readymade Mobile app it will be a lot easier to set up the app. You will just need a little more information. 
  3. Now with the list of the required features and functionality, you can design & set up the app.
  4. You need to have the images of Splash Screen, Logo, and Design to have a goal before starting the mobile app. 
  1. A Running Opencart Store will be required to integrate the app for getting all the data of the customers, products, etc.
  2. Now the KeyStore credentials will be required.
    It is to have Ownership of the apps which is really important for any business owner if they are having a mobile app.
    These are the details in the KeyStore Credentials.

These are required for publishing the app and getting it live to be available for customers to be able to download the app. 

Afterward getting these details it will be quite easy to set up the mobile app.

  1. In case you have a feature integrated on the website with the help of any extra module, then you can also opt for customization in your mobile app.

This way you can achieve the goal of launching the mobile app for your store in less time. 

Some essential must-have features for mobile app

These are some of the essential must-have features for the eCommerce mobile apps.

1. Registration process in Mobile App

The registration feature of mobile apps annoys the customers usually if it is a multi-step or long process. 

So for customers, it should be simplified and easier.

2. Support multiple payment options

As there are many customers who prefer different payment systems as per their convenience. 

So in order to satisfy most of our customers, we should have multiple payment systems so that customers can have options.

3. Push notifications

This is one of the most important features for driving sales. It works as a regular reminder for the customer whenever there is any update in the product or the order. 

With the help of this feature, customers stay updated on any offer or scheme that the sellers are running for their store. 

4. Custom branding

For the eCommerce portal, there should be custom branding depicting your store in the mobile app. 

You should be able to design your mobile app as per the theme of the eCommerce portal and logo. 

5. Social media integration

The Best and the strongest tool for eCommerce marketing is Social Media.

With the help of this feature, customers will be able to share the products or log in with their social media account which reduces many annoying processes.

And customers can easily check out the products in their carts. Without having to go through tedious work.

6. Great user experience

There are many apps in the market. So, customers can leave easily without thinking again. 

So, to avoid this there should be great UI UX or theme in the mobile app to keep the customers interested in the app. 

It may require a little time to design the app but it is worth it. 

7. Wishlist button

There are many scenarios where the customers leave the products for later so that they can purchase the products when they are ready. 

So there should be an option for customers to easily save those products, with regular reminders. 


We all know that it is not an easy task to start a Mobile app but as we are getting good results in the eCommerce sector due to Mobile apps.

And with the help of this guide, you will get great help with the things required for obtaining and setting up the app for your eCommerce store.

It is worth it to put in a little effort to get a better place in the market. Anc gaining more traction from the customers or the sales in our eCommerce store. 


That’s all about how we can get our own OpenCart Mobile App. Further please check here our Mobile Apps.

For more inquiries, please send your complete requirements to [email protected] or you can also create a ticket at our Helpdesk System.

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