Basic Authentication in Retrofit android

Updated 1 August 2017


Retrofit is a library which is type-safe REST client for Android. Type-safe means that the compiler will validate types while compiling, and throw an error if you try to assign the wrong type to a variable.

Before Reading this blog you have to read following blog to learn the basic knowledge of the Retrofit,

Using Retrofit library to make Http Requests

How to add Basic Authentication

Step 1: Make an interface,


Step 2: Create the AuthToken

Step 3: Create the Retrofit Client,

Step 4: Make your call,

call the Api with Basic Authorization,

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  • Igor Ganapolsky
    This is the first solution I came across on the net that shows how to send a simple authToken via Retrofit GET request. Thanks!
    • anchit (Moderator)
      Thanks for your kind words
  • Sachin
    I am getting 401 Error
    • anchit (Moderator)

      The 401 error means unauthorized.

      Make sure that you are using correct credentials to generate the AuthToken.

      You can take the help of the backend team of your project to look into this point.

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