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Barcode scanner in Flutter


Scan by mobile is in trend in most apps, the Easiest way to send/receive information from code that can be scanned by the camera.

We are going to explain how we can integrate a Barcode scanner in the Flutter application. We will show the code more instead of theory.

Barcode scanner in Flutter

Let’s start, As always first step is dependency integration in the app. Add flutter_barcode_scanner in pubspec.yaml.

Here, ^2.0.0 is the latest version. Please check at least once the latest version before using it from here.

Barcode scanner package can be an import –

import ‘package:flutter_barcode_scanner/flutter_barcode_scanner.dart’;

For iOS please add this line in Info.plist. because you will use the camera of an iOS device and you have to mention why you will use it.

<string>Camera permission is required for barcode scanning.</string>

Here, We can pass scan mode as – { QR, BARCODE, DEFAULT } for graphic overlay for QR or Barcode

For continuous scanning, you can use –

Let us know for any confusion or doubt in the comment section.

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  • Muhammad Irfan Ali Khan
    Hi, after clicking on my scan now button which is basically the trigger for the above code it is showing blank screen and after that app is stopping message shows up. So what is the problem, I am checking currently on android so can you point me to what I am missing.
    • anchit (Moderator)
      Hey There,

      Please do check for the permissions of the camera in the android manisfest file.

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    Michael Urresta

    Michael Urresta

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