Ayden Payment Gateway In iOS SDK

Updated 27 September 2023


when Please follow below steps to integrate Ayden Payment Gateway

Adyen Components for iOS allows you to accept in-app payment by providing you with the building blocks you need to create a checkout experience with Adyen.


  1. Add pod 'Adyen' to your Podfile.
  2. Run pod install.


The Drop-in handles the presentation of available payment methods and the subsequent entry of a customer’s payment details. It is initialized with the response of payment methods and provides everything you need to make an API call to payments and /payments/details.


Presenting the Drop-in

The Drop-in requires the response of the paymentMethods endpoint to be initialized. To pass the response to Drop-in, and also, decode the response to the payment methods structure:

Some payment methods need an additional configuration also. For example, to enable the card form, the Drop-in needs a public key to use for encryption. This payment method specific configuration parameters can be set in an instance of DropInComponent.PaymentmethodsConfiguration:

Assign a delegate and use the viewController property to present the Drop-in on the screen:

Implementing DropInComponentDelegate

To handle the results of the Drop-in, the following methods of DropInComponentDelegate should be implemented:

When the customer has selected a payment method and entered its payment details this method is invoked. While the payment details can be read from data.paymentMethod and can be submitted as-is to payments.

This method is invoked when additional details are provided by the Drop-in after the first call to /payments. This happens also, for example, during the 3D Secure 2 authentication flow or any redirect flow. while The additional details can be retrieved from data.details and can be submitted to /payments/details.

When an error occurred during the use of the Drop-in this method is invoked. Also, dismiss the view controller and display an error message.

In case the customer is redirecting to an external URL, make sure to let the Drop-in know when the user returns to your app. but Do this by implementing the following in your UIApplicationDelegate:


In order to have more flexibility over the checkout flow, you can use our Components to present each payment method individually.

Available Components


Both the Drop-in and the Components offer a number of customization options to allow you to match the appearance of your app. For example, to change the section header titles and form field titles in the Drop-in to red, and turn the submit button’s background to blue:

Or, to create a black Card Component with white text:

To find full documentation please click below link also:-

Adyen Documentation


  • iOS 10.0+
  • Xcode 11.0+
  • Swift 5.1
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