Autocomplete Widget in Flutter


Here we are going to explore the Autocomplete widget in a flutter.


A widget for helping the user make a selection by entering some text and choosing from among a list of options.

Check out the official: Autocomplete class

It would be nice if we could provide a list of options for users to choose from if you have a text field in your Flutter application, depending on the situation. With this, users can now improve their user experience without having to input the entire text. Using the Autocomplete widget in Flutter, we can achieve it.

To use Autocomplete, we need to call the constructor underneath:

Autocomplete<T extends Object>

The Autocomplete class itself has a generic type T extends Object. That implies the choice item can be of any type of object.


The properties of Autocomplete are:


Create a User class for the custom option:

Create an AutocompleteUser class:

Flutter Autocomplete Demo App:

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