AR(Augmented reality) Based app development

Updated 20 October 2021


Augmented Reality is said to be the next level of technology. Thus, allowing electronic devices to interact with real-world objects.

AR(Augmented reality) Based app development

This trending technology became more popular post introduction of the famous game Pokemon GO. However, it is part of multiple major industries like- healthcare, e-commerce, architecture, the automobile industry, and many more.

E-commerce and Retails

One of the major use of technology is in the e-Commerce industry and Retail stores. Hence, it can help in the generation of a big customer base.

As per the observation introduction of this technology can visibly increase the sales of retail and eCommerce stores. Hence, whether it’s an online or offline retailer the most relevant solution is to add an Augmented reality-based application.

With the help of the AR application, the e-Commerce store owner can allow the customer to view the virtual products in reality.

e-Commerce and Retails

One of the major examples of this technology implementer is Amazon. With a wide customer demand and product base, this technology can help the customer in increasing customer engagement.

This technology has also reshaped the shopping pattern of the retail store.Lacoste LCST Augmented Reality retail campaign” is one such famous example where the retailer attracted multiple customers.

Under this campaign, the retailers could shop the try the product before purchase.

Likewise, the retail store owner can allow the customer to try out products quickly without the hassle of the trail room.

Education and LMS- The future of Learning

Like every section, there is an evolution running in the education and learning system also. Thus, the education system with the help of AR technology can make the teaching process much interactive.

It is said that children learn more with visual and graphics, rather than mugging the old lines.

Education and LMS- The Future of Learning

Hence, the introduction of AR can make things much easy wherein, the student can see the images of the material they are studying.

It is the best way to improvise the learning management and training procedures. Wherein it has proven to give a far much effective output of the in the student learning procedure.


Automotive and Vehicle Industry

The automotive and vehicle industry is the most and oldest user of the AR-technology. It takes the help of the AR application to demonstrate the design and features of vehicles.

Tesla is one such famous organization to take advantage of the technology. Thus, allowing the operations much faster and more precise


This technology will aid an easy demonstration of the functionalities that the vehicle is delivering. Thus, allowing a much more attractive way of delivering the final result to customers.

In CES 2019, Nissan has presented Invisible-to-Visible technology concept with this technology the organization will aim at making the driving safer.

Hence, Augmented reality is a revolution in the automobile industry to attract maximum customers with a much brief understanding of technique.


Travel and Booking Industry

Setting a trend in all industries Augmented reality technology has set a benchmark in the Travel and Tourism industry. It gives the customer a realistic point of view of the requirement.

Thus, whether its a hotel room or a destination to visit AR provides the best solution for all. It gives a better idea to the customer about the place they are traveling to or the residence where they are staying.

travel and booking

This makes the Booking of Hotel Rooms and Events on a trip much easy as now the customer is clear about the final result.

However, AR can even help in improvising the traveling experience of the customer with the help of locator maps. This way they are not lost anywhere in a foreign land could locate themselves back to a known place.

The inhouse hotel owner can also take advantage of the feature to make its service perfect. Thus, allowing better hospitality service to the customer.


So, being the part of a new decade of 2020, it time to update the app with AR feature. It not only makes the app interactive but also makes it highly useful for growth.

For more details on the topic, you can even refer to- AR Product Backend Management In Mobikul Mobile App Builder for Magento 2.

That’s all for AR(Augmented reality) Based app development. Still, have any issue please feel free to add a ticket at

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