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Applying Fingerprint Login in android


In android API level 23 i.e. Android Marshmallow, Google introduced Fingerprint authentication. It not only enables the user to unlock the device using figerprint but also have developer’s APIs using which the developers can add the functionality to their own applications and its pretty simple as well.

For Fingerprint login you have to check the hardware support on the device, whether the lock is enable and lastly that there should be at-least one fingerprint stored on the device then you can pop user to authenticate the fingerprint. Ans I can tell you its quiet simple just follow me and you will be able to do this in your application as well.

Firstly you need a login activity like I have

The XML for the LoginActivity is as below:

The xml for the DailogFragment signin_using_fingerprint.xml



Finally the FragmentDialog

And here you go. Now your app supports fingerprint like other apps.


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  • Shubham Agarwal
    Nice codebase.
  • css.php
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