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Updated 28 January 2021


Here we will discuss How to Add dependencies using Swift Package Manager to Xcode

We would start with a basic question “what is a Package Manager?”

Package Manager contains the packages. A package is a collection of the meta data. It also contains a list of all dependencies needed to install the software.

In General terms, we can call a Package Manager as an Archive file.

Swift Package Manager

Apple has released its own package manager named “Swift Package Manager” Prior to this we have to depend on third-party dependency managers such as Cocoapods and Carthage.

Besides depending on the third-party dependency manager tools it would be far better to rely on the Apple Swift package manager as it is an official swift package manager.

Swift Package Manager is basically a

How to Add dependencies using Swift Package Manager to Xcode

Adding dependency using Swift Package Manager is quite an easy job as compared to installing the pod for the particular dependency in the case of Cocoapods.

Please follow the below steps to add any dependencies to your project

Step 1. Open your any Xcode Project

Step 2. Navigate to File>Swift packages>Add package repository URL

Step 3. Select your Project

Step 4.  A window will open asking you to enter the URL of the dependency. Provide the URL and proceed.

Adding Swift Package Dependency

Swift Package Manager Advantage & Disadvantages

The swift package manager is a very new tool

  • It is the official package manager for swift
  • It also supports server-side
  • Managed by Apple



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