App Tracking Transparency

Updated 20 July 2022


The App Tracking Transparency framework is used to present a permission request alert.

The permission totally depends on the user whether the user wants to allow or deny it.

If the user denies permission the app cannot collect the user’s data. And if it allows it then the app can collect the data.

This framework presents the app tracking authorization request to the user.

ATT is the short form of App Tracking Transparency

ATT manager provides the functionality of authorization request and handling.

What is NSUserTrackingUsageDescription

The UsageDescription is used to explain the reason why your data is needed is called Usages Description.

Tracking Authorization Status

App Tracking Transparency status completely handled by the user.

Use this property to check the authorization request.

Tracking Authorization Request

The alert that asks for permission to access data is known as an Authorization request alert.

Let’s start code


Use the above key and value in info.plist file to access permission.



Let’s see the output images


In this blog, we discussed the working of AppTrackingTransparency in-app.

I hope this blog will help you to understand the functionality.

Thanks for reading!!!

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