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App Screenshots for Publishing iOS application on App store


Generally we need the the Screenshot of app for publishing the iOS app to App store , for this we need to follow some steps:

1: we need the 5 images of each device

a: for iPhone X

b: for iPhone 5.5  display.

c: for iPad 12.9

2: Now you have to take screenshot of each device

a: iPhone X   ->  take a screenshot whose resolution would be   (1125 X 2436)

b: for iPhone 5.5  – > you can take screenshot from iPhone 6,6s,7,7s,8  but resolution must be in  (1242 X 2208)

c: for iPad 12.9 -> you can take screen shot from iPad but resolution must be in  (2048 X 2732)


for resizing this image you can take help from this link:


you can set resolution like this

Ex: for 1242 X 2208





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