API Integration in Flutter with JSON Parsing

Updated 27 September 2023


API Integration in Flutter with JSON Parsing  using HTTP Package , where HTTP Package is the most basic and most used package in Flutter.

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What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

API is the one which can be viewed as a set of rules and tools which are used to design various softwares.

We will use HTTP Package for API Integration in this blog, so we will need to add the dependency in the pubspec.yaml file.

For checking out the updated version of package, you can check out the package here – https://pub.dev/packages/http 

After adding dependency, we will need to import the package in the file where we want need it.

Here we have used ‘ as ‘http’ ‘ , as we will need to access the methods declared inside this package instead of writing the complete code we will be accessing the methods with ‘http’.

While working on API Integration in Flutter, we will get to hear about the Future, Future Builder ..

So let’s first understand what does these terms mean and what is the use of these terms while integrating APIs.

Future is just like a function which is Asynchronous in nature. Asynchronous means ‘we do not know when it will complete its execution’.

The two keywords ‘async‘ and ‘await‘ are used in asynchronous programming.

Async function works synchronously until the first await keyword is encountered, i.e., within an async function body, all synchronous code before the first await keyword executes immediately.

FutureBuilder helps you in determining the correct state of Future and also helps in displaying the data once the Future has returned.

We will need to create Data Model for the parsing of JSON Data.

API Integration in Flutter Code

For decoding JSON Data, we will need to import ‘dart:convert’ which provides us the json.decode() method.

Here’s the final code,

In this code, we have created a Future method which returns an Instance of MovieData Model.

Within the FutureBuilder widget, we have created our UI and the future property takes the Future method which is getResponse() method.

The output of the code is —


In this blog, we have discussed the API Integration in Flutter with JSON Parsing using HTTP Package.

I hope it will help you in understanding the basic concepts.

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Thank you for reading!!

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