Animating Views in Swift

Updated 30 November 2023


Animation is a method in which elements of a scene are used as moving images for viewers. If you need good design in the app then, it is the mandatory part of the app.

It can improve the overall user experience of your application. Here, you have to only change the properties of the view or set the duration and delay time in which animations will work on your screen and UIKit animate them automatically.

There are several properties can be animated, by changing the property we can creates an animations starting at the current value and ending at the new value that you specify. Following of properties of the UIView class can animatable:

To animate your changes, create a UIViewPropertyAnimator object and use its handler block to change the values of your view’s properties.

The UIViewPropertyAnimator class lets you specify the duration and timing of your animations, but it performs the actual animations.

You can pause a property-based animator that is currently running to interrupt the animations and drive it interactively. For more information, see UIViewPropertyAnimator.

Creating Simple View Animations

Let’s create the examples of animations:

Color of the View by Animation:

To change the color of background of view by animation:

Run the app and you get as:

Image of the ImageView by Animation:

To change the image of UIImageView by animation:

You get as:

Position of the view by Animation :

To change the position of view:

Run the app:

Size of the view:

Size of view replaced with another size:

Run your app and you get as:

Toggle the View

Position of view changed with autoreverse(as toggle):

Run the app and you get as:


I hope this tutorial will help you if you have any comments, questions, or recommendations, feel free to post them in the comment section below!

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