Animated Text In Flutter

Updated 21 December 2023


Nowadays, we all want our apps to look more attractive and more interactive. So, we use different animations to enhance our UI. When it comes to animations, there is no limit to creativity. We can visualize and add our custom animations. But today, we are checking out Animated Text In Flutter.

We can add animations without using any package in Flutter, but Flutter also provides an easy way to add Animated Text In Flutter using animated_text_kit.

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Let’s check out how can we add text animations in Flutter.

Analyze this code and check out some properties of AnimatedTextKit.

  1. pause – the time of the pause between animation texts
  2. displayFullTextOnTap – tapping the animation will rush it to completion
  3. isRepeatingAnimations – controls whether the animation repeats
  4. repeatForever – controls whether the animation repeats forever
  5. totalRepeatCount – number of times the animation should repeat (when repeatForever is false)

Also, check these custom callbacks:

  1. onTap – This is called when a user taps the animated text
  2.  onNext(int index, bool isLast) – This is called before the next text animation, after the previous one’s paus
  3. onNextBeforePause(int index, bool isLast) – This is called before the next text animation, before the previous one’s pause
  4. onFinished – This is called at the end when the parameter isRepeatingAnimation is set to false.

Let’s check out these Text Animations In Flutter:




Text Liquid Fill




In this article, I have explained some types of Text animations in Flutter.

Thanks for reading this article.

If I got something wrong, let me know in the comments. I would love to improve.

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