Animated Splash Screen with Audio

Updated 31 October 2022


In this blog, we are going to learn about “Animated Splash screen with Audio”. We will discover how to add audio to our project and have it play as the background for the splash screen. most of the app show an animated splash screen for the attractive app.

Create Resource Directory

First, you need to create a resource directory to store the animated video. We are creating a new resource directory for some steps.

In the Project window and right click on res>New > Directory then type the name of the director as “raw” now click OK


In the layout section, we are using the ‘video view’, which is the inbuild android view for easy to use and provides us more features without any third-party library.

we are creating a simple ‘ConstraintLayout’ layout and adding the ‘video view’ with match parent height and width for reference.


Only a few lines of code to add to your kotlin/java class to perform these animated splash screens. we are creating a ‘URI’ to initialize the path of the stored video then we will provide this ‘URI’ to ‘video view’ to the play video animation.

In this code, we created an animation function and here we are initializing the video view and setting the video URI to play the video from the raw folder.



We learned about the ‘Animated Splash Screen with Audio’ in this blog. We learned how to use Android video view to play videos on the splash screen.

Visit the link for additional information on the video view in Android.

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