Animated Custom Switch

Updated 28 February 2022


Hello, In this blog we are going to learn about how to use or build an Animated Custom Switch

In the UISwitch you cannot edit the switch, so we need to create an Animated Custom Switch by any 3rd party library or on your own. In this blog, we are using a third party library

1. You need to add the below pod in your project for Animated Custom Switch.

2. Please import the library in your controller.

3. Add view in your storyboard like

4. Initiate custom switch view in your controller

var bigSwitch: DDSwitch?

5. Please create a new file and write animation code as below

6. Add the animation image .plist file like below

This is the animation plist file and your images in image assest

7. Add protocol for the switch

8. Add the below code in your view controller.

If you have done every things correctly which is mentioned above you will get the output as below.

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I hope this blog will help you to implement a custom switch, if you have any queries, comments, questions, or recommendations, feel free to post them in the comment section below!

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