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Android: sharing data with other applications


For almost all the applications we at some time require to share the data with other apps. And when its messaging or social networking app its a must requirement. A app can provide share option for promotional purpose like inviting friends , sharing a product you liked with someone and many more. So basically its an important feature for all applications.

This requirement can be fulfilled by using ACTION_SEND intent, all you have to do is specifing the data and its type. And is remaining is system work system will identify all the app with the filter intent and supporting the data type for you.

The system will the provide you a choose dailog with all the applications compatible with your request select any one and share your data.

For all this you have to just add a simple code in you app that is

If you select a default action from the chooser dailog then there will be no dailog next time so if you want to always have a chooser dailog you can have it by adding

Note: If you only want to support whatsapp the you can add package to your intent like

If there is no application supporting your request then system will show a sysytem message so you dont have to worry about that case too.

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