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Android: Strike-through a TextView


There are many scenarios in which we need to show a Strike-through text to an android user like Old prices, old offers, etc. But android doesn’t give any such option via XML file. If you want to show a strike-through text you can do it programming using PaintFlags. You can set paint flags Paint.STRIKE_THRU_TEXT_FLAG to a TextView and it will add a strike-through to the text.

But when you need it in your XML. As I am using Data Binding so my priority is to set everything related to a view in the xml. So I found this workaround on stackoverflow for my problem.

We just have to set a background that contains a line to our TextView like I did.

and the drawable for the strike-through line

and you will get the text as you want.

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  • Roman Brazhnikov
    Thank you so much! You really saved my time 🙂
    • aastha gupta
      @romanbrazhnikov:disqus Pleasure is all mine. Good to hear that it helped you.
  • Ng Chin Shu
    Thank you! Useful information!
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