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Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL)


An application cannot directly access the data of another application for security reasons. If you want to access the data from another application then AIDL will help
you to access those data. I have created two examples one of Server which creates the AIDL service and second Client which access the server data.

In order to implement ADIL, we need to follow the following steps:-

For Server App
1. Make one folder named AIDL  in which your AIDL file resides.

2. Create the Service and Bind the IRemote Service as following

3. Mention the service to android manifest file as following and also mention the unique action name

Client Example :  

1. For getting access server data and functionality, we have to create the same aidl package as you used in the server example and create the same(copy) file as you created in the server example IRemote.aidl

2. Then for triggering the functionality, we need to create a ServiceConnection instance to handle:

a.Service connection event
b.Service disconnection event

So for more information about AIDL file for passing more type of data and client-server app functionality, you can go through the for link:-


. . .


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