Android Hack of the Day 2

Updated 14 December 2016


This is second blog in our series Android Hack of the day. Here are some of the easy tricks that can make the programming really fast.

1. Auto generating of source code: constructor getter setter etc.

The key combination ALT + INS is handy and when we are creating new classes and models.

You can automatically generate constructors, getter and setter methods easily using this key combination.


Screenshot from 2016-04-27 23:16:57

2. Analyse code and run inspection

By using this functionlity, we can analyse our code and fix the issues that are generated in the code. These tools cover many issues like vulnerability in code, performance issue and best practices.




3. Viewing JSON file

If our API return data in JSON format then there is no need to use any online tool or repository. Simply create a .json file and use auto format code to display and format the JSON data.


Screenshot from 2016-04-29 21:58:52


That’s all folks. Stay updated !

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