Doze Mode In Android

Updated 24 September 2023


With the Google’s Android Marshmallow update there is a feature came into existence in android devices known as Doze Mode. Yes you probably have heard about it. So what it is for? Many of you will say its for saving phone’s battery and yes you are right but how?

Doze mode will save your phones most important resource, its battery from draining fast when you are not using your phone. In Doze mode, your phone enters in a state in which it will not deffer CPU, it will not use network hence your phone will use only small amount of battery. Your phone will not scan for Wi-Fi or location. But do remember that it will scan for Mobile network if your phone has a week Mobile Network than even doze mode can’t save you. Your device will wake in mid sessions to do important work and will do all the work in batches and will go back to Doze mode. You will get all important updates on time as for high priority work it will Wake Up.


Doze mode will kicks on your Marshmallow device after certain time passes from the time you turn the screen off, but there are some conditions, yes you heard it right, your phone should be absolutely idle at that time. It should be stationary like lying on a table doing nothing and even not connected to a power source means should not be charged or plugged into your system. For phones having sensor in front, you shouldn’t even be making gestures in front of it.

In Android M, your phone will not go to Doze mode if its in your pocket whole day as its not stable. But Android N is here solving this problem as well. In Android N your phone will enter Doze mode whenever its screen is off for a certain amount of time irrespective of whether its stationary or not. But it still should not be connected a power source.

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