Android Custom View

Updated 14 December 2016


‘sup developers. Today we are going to create a custom view class that will add certain fuctionality in our application.

In magento, to express a field to be required, magento by default add a ‘*’ in front of it.




To add this functionality, normally we write some boring code. Why can we do like this:



and we get the same functionality



Yes, this possible. Here comes our CUSTOM VIEWS

What we have to do in order to create custom view.


Step1. Declare a styleable and add attribute that we want to show in our xml (custom view)

Step 2. Create Custom View Class

Step3. Access custom view in Layout XML.

Note: Don’t forget to use namespace. For gradle project use this: 

Custom Views plays an important role. They not only makes the work easier but they SAVE OUR LIFEs.


That’s all folk’s Stay tuned!!!

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