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Android Auto Place Suggestion ( using Google APIs)


Hi, in this blog we will learn how we can implement the auto place suggestion feature in our android application and make our application more efficient.

I will show you how we can achieve something like in the working of the Google maps search bar.

See the image below


Implementing something like this is super easy,  all you need to do is follow this article.

Things you need to get started :

  1.  Android Studio
  2. Google Developer Account
  3. Firebase Account

Before you start coding :

After these initial steps, you are good to start writing code.


  1. We are using the AutoCompleteTextView to get what user types and will display the suggestions accordingly.
  2.  We need to create the adapter for the AutoCompleteTextView
  3. Finally, we will display the result selected by the user.


activity_main.xml file

And With this, you will now be able to suggest places within your application.

For better understanding try creating a small demo project first using these files only.

Keep coding and Keep Sharing 🙂


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