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Adding Push Notifications in Flutter App


Flutter is on pace in gathering more and more userbase every day. With its increasing popularity, push notification is a feature that is a must-have so that the app can be made more interactive.

To add a push notification feature to the flutter app, Google has provided a powerful platform that is Firebase. With Firebase Cloud Messaging we can enable push notification feature for iOS and Android app at the same time.

Let’s start with the code-based implementation.

At first, we will need to add firebase_messaging package to our pubspec.yaml file.

Now we will need to add some boilerplate code to enable push notification in the Android app.

Add the google-services.json file downloaded from the firebase project and place it inside android/app. Assuming you are familiar with thegoogle-services.json.

Then, make sure to add to your root-level build.gradle file:

Then, in your module-level Gradle file (usually the app/build.gradle), add the ‘apply plugin’ line at the bottom of the file to enable the Gradle plugin:

If want to be notified in your app (via onResume and onLaunch, see below) when the user clicks on a notification in the system tray include the following intent-filter within the <activity> tag of your android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml:

In this way, we can start receiving notifications in our Flutter app. In the upcoming blog, we will see how to handle background notifications.



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