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Add PickerView in UITextField using Swift 3


Sometimes we need to give the single selection from multiple data on UItextfield , when the user tap on UIText Field. For this there is new accessory view provided by swift through we can add UIPicker view and UITextfield.

For doing this , we need to follow some steps:

open .swift file and

1: create a outlet of UITextfiled


@IBOutlet weak var withoutAirGoCountryTextField1: UITextField!

2: Now create the IBAction of UITextfield and set event didbeginediting. and set the picker view like that


3: Now its time to add the toolbar on this picker view so we can give some functionality like cancel or anything;

for this go to ViewDidload method and write that code:


Note: here

GoCountriesSearch is existing swift class name and their method 

“donePressed” ,Now its time to define this method:

it will remove the picker view .

4: Now we have to write the delegate method of UIPickerView:

a: in class add two delegate of picker view


and their delegate metod:


b: Now set the data to UItextField:


5: Now when you scroll the UIPicker View it automatically set the data to UITextField

6: Now the last and important point , How to fetch the selected row in UIView for this

a: create a button like findData

and write this code:


Happy coding






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