Actor in Swift

Updated 31 March 2022


Swift introduces Actors in version 5.5 and this is a big change in concurrency at WWDC. The actors main used to manage shared state often leads to Data races and Race conditions problems in a concurrent system. In-sort two pieces of code can’t access an actor’s data at the same time.Actors are like other Swift types as they can also have initializers, methods, properties, and subscripts, while you can also use them with protocols and generics. Furthermore, unlike structs, an actor requires defining initializers when your defined properties require so manually

Some key concepts about actors:

Please click here to know more about Actor.

Let’s create A exemple


Actor in Swift

Note: The above code makes you lose the whole state of your app.

In conclusion, I hope this code will help you better understand Actor in Swift. If you feel any doubt or queries please comment below.

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