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    What will you do after purchasing the Mobikul Mobile App?

    If you have purchased the Mobikul Mobile App and don’t know what will be the next procedure. Here is the process that you will help you or guide you to understand the process after purchasing the mobile app –

    First of all, congratulations and thank you for your interest in our Mobikul Mobile App.

    These are some following points:

      1. After purchasing the Mobikul App, we will build and configure the mobile apps for your store so that you can easily manage the apps from the store back-end panel.
      2. Please Login the Webkul Store account then you can download the pre-requisite pdf file in My Purchased Products section (you can see this section in Account Dashboard) on Webkul Store account. You need to provide all the information provided in the pdf file like the color combination, store icons, banner, images, FTP details etc. for your mobile application.
      1. Prerequisite Form Submission

        “Please let us know your preference for the creation of the app by click on the Prerequisite Form  and fill the required details to create a personalized app for you.”

        NOTE- You needs to submit the details using the Prerequisite Form only. No text file, ticket or other methods will be accepted. However, if you are having any query with regard to the form you can share it on [email protected].


      2. Please provide the images/icons in the required format and resolution as mentioned in the pdf file. If you do not provide images/icons as mentioned and you found that the images/icons are blurred in the app. In this case, we will be not responsible for that.
      3. Regarding the customization part –

        please provide the test website so that we can implement all the customization on a test website first. After that, you will confirm that everything is okay as discussed then we will transfer the customization code to live site.

      4. In the case of the live site, please keep your backup with you always. Also, if you will make any changes on your server by yourself, please keep the backup first. If you lose our customized part while doing any change on server then we will be not responsible for that.
      5. You will also get the .xml and .strings files (that we will provide to you) for language translation respectively for Android and iOS. These files are required when you want the mobile app in other languages also except English.
      6. Please ignore this point if you want to keep only the English language for the mobile app. For details please visit the pre-requisite file. You can also use the following link for the language translation for the Android App –
      7. Suppose you have purchased the Mobikul App with the source code then we will provide you the source code after the configuration of the app. This source code is called as configured source code. We will provide the configured app with the configured source code.
      8. In another case, if you want the raw source code (without the configuration) then we can also provide you on your request. The request that you can raise on the ticket.
    1. Free Application Configuration –

      1. We do provide the free application configuration for the first time at the time of purchase. The first time free configuration will be done exactly according to the prerequisite file, which you need to provide after purchasing the module.
      2. After the configuration is completed with delivery and you request for changing the configuration like icons, banners, company logo, etc(as mentioned in the prerequisite file), then it will be paid service which will be covered under customization of the application.
    2. Integrate Payment Gateway –

      1. To integrate the payment gateways in the mobile app, it will require the separate timeline as compared to basic application configuration timeline. The separate timeline will depend on the payment gateways that you want in the application.
      2. Also, we do provide FREE Integration with one payment gateway into the Mobile Apps which is working on your Website. You need to provide us the complete documentation details about the payment gateway that you want to integrate into Apps as FREE.
      3. Regarding the payment gateway, it’s mandatory to provide the SANDBOX credentials for testing purpose. Also, you need to provide us the TEST CARD details. If you will make delay to provide this information then it may increase the App delivery time due to lack of information. For this, we are not responsible.
      4. “You need to provide us the proper documentation regarding the payment gateway which you will be going to implement into the Apps.”
      5. In some cases, we will require the support URL or link so that we can communicate to support team of that payment gateway for any query. You need to provide us this support detail as well.
      6. If you will avail the raw source code only and will build and configure the App by yourself. Then we will not provide the FREE integration of one payment gateway in your customized/configured code.
      7. We can only provide the FREE integration of one payment gateway if we configure the app/source code or in our configured code.If you have more than one payment gateways on your website and you want to integrate with Apps. Then the additional payment gateways integration with Apps (except the one that you want as FREE) will come under customization (a paid service).
      8. Regarding the integration of the shipping methods in the app –

        If you only want to show the shipping methods then it will be done with no extra charges. Other than this, if you want API based functionalities of the shipping methods in the mobile app then it will be done through customization (a paid service).

      9. To change the design/layout of the app –

      10. It will be done through customization (a paid service). You need to provide us the layout icons in the specific format (SVG for Android & PDF for iOS).
      11. If you do not provide the images/icons in the given format and we will design or create the layout icons in the required format for you then it will cost you extra.
      12. Regarding the customization of the design/layouts, the designing part is a separate customizable part. The cost & time will be separate from the features and functionalities.


    If you still have any query please raise your query on the same ticket.

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