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  • What will be the performance of Mobikul application?

    Mobikul uses all the latest and best technologies exist for the data exchange between your E-commerce store and mobile application. like :

    • RESTful API’s to exchange data between the mobile application and your E-commerce store.

    • JSON or XML is used as the mode of data exchange between the E-commerce store and mobile application.

    So, for sure Mobikul will run lightning fast, you don’t have to worry about the performance and speed of data transfer.

    There might be a case on the server where the e-commerce store is setup is not properly optimized. That means the server is not optimized to handle several requests at a time. In that case, you might see a little glitch in the speed of application. But if the server is optimized to handle many simultaneous requests at the same time then for sure Mobikul application will work like a charm.


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