• How to send push notifications to your Mobile App users from the Opencart admin panel ?

    Before going to understand the process how to send the push notifications. We would like to tell you about the types of the push notifications. And how it will beneficial to the admin.

    There are three types of push notifications that admin can send to the mobile application users.

    1) Category Type
    2) Product Type
    3) Other Type

    1) Category Type:- You can send the push notifications according to the offer on a category.

    For example: Suppose you want to give an offer on clothing category. Then you can send category push notification to your mobile application users. Your customers will receive a push notification and whenever they will click on it. Then they will be redirected to the clothing category page.

    2) Product Type:- You can also send the push notification for any particular product.

    For example: Suppose you want to give an offer on a camera. Then you can send product push notification to your mobile application users. Your mobile application users will receive a push notification and whenever they will click on the notification. Then they will be redirected to the product page of the camera.

    3) Other Type:- In this type of notification, you can send the notification to your mobile application users as a text or an article.

    For example: Suppose you want to give an offer on New Year to your mobile application users through a coupon code. Then you can send a text or an article notification with the coupon code in it so that your customers can visit the notification page and can use this coupon code for the discount.

    How to send Push Notifications:
    In the admin panel on the left, under Mobikul, select Notification. Then you will be redirected to Notification Manager page. The Notification Manager page contains the information of existing notifications with the filter option.
    As per the below image, you can see a list of existing push notifications and a filter option.

    Notification Manager Page
    You can select and send the existing push notifications. Also, you can edit or delete the existing push notifications.

    When you will click on add new button then you will be redirected to the add notification page. Here, you can add new push notification which you can send to your mobile application users.

    As per the below image, you can see the required field for creating a push notification.

    Push Notification Add New

    i) In the Notification Title, enter the notification title according to your store language.
    ii) In the Notification Content field, type the content that will be visible on the notification.
    iii) In Notification Type, select the notification type by using the drop down button.
    iv) In the Product/Category ID, select the ID according to the notification types.
    v) In Notification Status, select the status either Enabled or Disabled.

    Admin can send & save the push notification or admin can only save the notification for future purpose.

    When admin will send the push notification. Admin can see the success message as per the below image.

    Notification Success Message

    • What will happen if a customer missed a push notification ?
      – Customers can see all the received notifications in the notification tab.
    • How are the push notifications beneficial for the admin ?
      – Push notifications increase the customers’ engagement over the mobile application store. It helps in increasing the sale. It has a huge role in increasing the revenue. There are some other benefits of the push notifications that you can see by clicking here.

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