• Publish the App through Self account ?

    Publish via Self (your) Account – It will value you a further 75 USD while you may choose this feature at the same time as buying the Mobikul Module.

    Above given are the license price for the product. We will offer you the overall possession of the apps. We will supply you the launched version of the apps with which you could publish the app through your self after that your app is own your way.

    We work hard to make the best it can be, Will glad to hear that it’s working well for you.

    For iTunes Store account – You can create an iTunes Store account as per the updated policy of Apple here.

    For Google Play Store account – If you want to create your own Google Play Store account then you can visit here.

    Note- In the case of Headless PWA for Magento 2 we will only be liable for the uploading of the APK and IPA. If there is some sort of issue while or after publishing then we will not be liable for the same.

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