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    If you have a Mobikul PrestaShop Application working on Mobikul Web Module V3 then you can add many functionalities in your application through your admin panel. So here we will cover all the extra functionalities provided by Mobikul back-end module.





    Configuration helps you to configure all the other functionalities in the application. It is further subdivided into various part:

    Part 1.  App Configuration: You can enter the setting for the number of products in blocks on the landing page and the number of products on per page.




    Enable Image Slider: If enabled, an image carousel will appear within the app.

    New product block: The app will display new products if enabled.

    Best seller product block: App best-seller products will be shown if this setting is enabled.

    Popular product block: Popular app products will be shown if enabled.

    Special product block: When enabled, the app’s special products will be shown.


    Part 2. Mobile Light Theme:

    You can change your application theme dynamically. The next time the user launches your app it will be in the theme you choose from the back-end. The admin can select a theme font, navigation color, navigation title color, background color, button background color, and button text color.


    Part 3. Mobile Dark Theme:


    Most of the UI’s dark surfaces are displayed when using the dark theme. You can change your application theme dynamically. The next time the user launches your app it will be in the theme you choose from the back-end. The admin can select the theme font, navigation color, navigation title color, background color, and button text color.

    Part 4. Push Notification:

    In this section, you have to put your firebase server key and sender Id. Here when the app was configured we added the Message Topic which must be remained unchanged. So you need not change the topic name. In addition, if you want your customers to receive an order status notification, then enable the setting and save.


    Part 5. CMS Page Settings:


    Enable the pages you want to add to the application. After enabling these pages are shown in the left drawer of the Application under the “More” tag.


    Part 6. Play store Details:

    It is necessary to redirect users to your application on Google Play and iTunes in case of an application update. You can set this up after your application is published.

    Part 7. Deep Linking:

    A pop-up window asking the user to open the page in the app appears in the mobile browser. Afterward, the admin can add the following details.


    Part 8. Mobikul Log:

    Here, you should log all POST/PUT/GET operations.




    The admin can configure banners from this section. In this way, the admin can configure data like an image, sorting order, or a category or product link for the banner. Now, the app owner can manage the banner images by adding, editing, and deleting banner images.


    Add new banner


    To add new banner images, click the Add Images button. By setting up the banner information, you can customize the banner image to meet your needs.



    By selecting the Edit option you can edit the banner image as per your requirement.

    Title: Here you need to enter the title of the banner image.

    Banner Image: Here the user needs to upload the banner image.


    Redirect Page: The admin can designate a category or product in this section to specify the type of banner to be displayed.

    Enabled: From here the user can enable or disable the banner image.


    Afterward, the user needs to click on the Save button.

    Delete Banner Image

    For deleting the banner image the admin needs to click on the Delete option as per the below screenshot.


    Image Slider

    The admin can add or edit an image slider under this section.



    The admin must select Add Image in order to add a new image in the slider. However, the admin can select the edit option and make changes by entering the following details and clicking on the save button.


    Product Block

    These are just like PrestaShop default product blocks e.g New Products, BestSellers, etc. You can create a new block with any title and then add products to that block.


    Adding Block:
    Add a block with the desired names like Frames & Photo Album.



    Add Product:
    Now add the product by selecting the Block in which you want to add the product.
    To add products to the block the users need to select Add new product as per the below screenshot.



    Select Block:
    Here the admin needs to select the block name in which products are to be added.
    The admin can search the products by the product name and add the searched products to the list.
    Afterward, the admin needs to click on the save button.


    Push Notification


    From this part of the panel, you can send Push notifications to all the application users. Just Create a new Notification and add the desired action like Product Page or Category Page, then select a particular product and category and send it to everyone. Also please make sure that the expiry date is a valid future date and the status of the notification is active.



    App Categories


    In App Categories the admin can select all the categories as well as subcategories that need to be added to the application.
    The admin can see the list of all the categories as well as add new categories by clicking on the Add new category as per the below image.



    Afterward, the admin needs to enter the following details and select categories as well as sub-categories as per the below image.



    Manage AR Products

    With the help of augmented reality (AR) technology, you can more clearly display all of the product’s images as well as give customers a more accurate impression.

    By selecting Add AR File, the admin can manage AR products.



    Afterward, the admin needs to select the product and upload USDZ and SFB files.



    This is all about Mobikul Prestashop V3 Admin Panel, if you encounter any issues, kindly let us know at any time. Any question can be submitted as a ticket at webkul.uvdesk.com.


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