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  • What are the key store credentials in the pre-requisite PDF?

    When you purchase our Mobikul Application you receive a pre-requisite PDF which you need to fill and give it back to us.
    Thier is a detail in PDF which needs to be filled called Key Store Credentials (Credentials required for signing the application) which contain the information related to your store :

    • First Name And Last Name- Name of the Store Owner.
    • Organization Unit-The unit for which the application is being developed. For example- Webkul is the organization and Mobikul is its unit which deals with mobile applications.
    • Organization Name- The name of your company(organization) which has purchased the application.
    • City or Locality- The city of the organization which has purchased the application.
    • Country Code (XX)-Code of the country where the organization is located.
    • State or Province- State of the country where the organization is located.


    This information is required to provide you ownership of the application. A digital certificate which proves that you will have the right to the application.

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