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  • How does the Mobikul Application works with the eCommerce platforms?

    The Mobikul application is developed for the Android and iOS mobile operating system. The mobile application is developed for the eCommerce website. Just like the eCommerce website the customers can shop through your mobile application(mCommerce).

    The mobikul mobile application communicates with the eCommerce website platform of yours, using APIs. The APIs are the set of code that is used for limited communication and transaction between the mobile application and the eCommerce platform.

    All the products, categories, customers and orders of your eCommerce store will be also there in the mobile application. The already registered user of your store can log in to the application using the same credentials as they use in your eCommerce website store. The new user can sign up through the mobile application.

    For example, if there will be any sale from the mobile application then the same sale will be reflected in your eCommerce platform admin panel just like the sales from the website store.

    This app is fully compatible with the default eCommerce store. In case the eCommerce store has integration with any third party extensions/add-ons/plugins those functionalities will not reflect directly on mobile application.

    Third party extensions can be easily integrated with mobile applications but it requires customization(paid service).

    If you have any query or issue then please raise a ticket by emailing us at [email protected]


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